Other Areas of Expertise


We have very strong associations with Russia and various Russian/CIS clients and regularly prepare and review contracts in Russian and/or in Russian and English particularly in the oil and petroleum products sector. We have expertise in commodity contracts, with particular reference to crude oil and various types of petroleum products.

Our personnel include Russian lawyers who are able to receive instructions in Russian and to reply in the Russian language and to handle a wide range of legal and commercial issues in England and Russia on a client’s behalf.


We are regularly involved in the negotiation,drafting and execution of contracts for the purchase and sale of crude oil and other petroleum products on a CIF, CFR, FOB and TTO basis and we have a good network of clients who are suppliers and buyers for such products.

We have been involved in negotiation, drafting and execution of contracts in Russia for the acquisition of oil assets, the purchase and resale of gasoil, mazut and Rebco.

We are experienced in drafting commercial contracts for the sale and purchase of crude oil and petroleum products, scrap steel, coal, cement and other commodities and have a good network of clients who are suppliers and buyers for such products.


Foreign clients looking for properties in the UK may often want to raise part of the purchase price on mortgage and we can help in this respect through our brokers. For those clients needing prestige properties but without the time to carry out a full search, we work closely with a London prestige property search company which focuses on clients from Russia/CIS countries and has Russian speaking staff. It can do the sifting of properties for clients and give recommendations based on clients’ criteria.

For those clients who invest in properties in the UK and wish subsequently to let such properties, we advise how this should be handled including compliance with the Non-Resident Landlords Scheme (NRLS). We can review and prepare tenancy agreements and assist in various aspects of handling clients’ property investment/letting.

Since 2013 the purchase of residential property in England by overseas clients became much more complicated and expensive. Purchasing through an offshore company is no longer an attactive possibility for most clients because of the imposition of ATED annual tax on the property dependent on its value. We have developed various ways of reducing the value of the investment in residential property for foreign clients, so that the residual equity value for potential inheritance tax purposes is kept to a minimum. We have also developed mechanisms for properties already held by offshore companies to be transferred to their beneficial owners without attacting the new higher rates of stamp duty. 

Private clients

There can be any number of issues on which a foreigner in England may need legal or commercial advice, particularly if the client is Russian speaking and with only a small or no grasp of English. We understand and value our clients and our helpful “can do” attitude and readiness to assist can involve introducing, engaging and keeping an eye on specialists in other areas.

Aircraft purchase/leasing

We are experienced in aircraft purchase and leasing in relation to usual commercial aircraft (Airbus, Boeing etc), and our personnel have handled leasing deals with all the major international leasing companies.

Recommendations/Testimonies from the clients: 

 "Hi Paul,

you have not just helped this generation of my family, you've also helped the previous generation.I speak for the whole family when I say that we will be forever in debt to you for all the work you have done for us and for your loyalty and kindness, which I now have experienced first hand, having listened to my father and mother speak highly of you all the time. Thank you so much Paul. Stay safe and god bless!!

Regards, Reem Zarour-Amman Jordan  31/12/2020" 

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