International litigation

Where a dispute has to be litigated in a particular jurisdiction, it is often difficult to locate suitable local lawyers and to be aware of their competence. Our personnel have many years of experience of being responsible for the formulation and conduct of litigation in many countries wherewe are able to appoint local lawyers suitable for the task and who charge reasonably. We would draft initial documents for review in the local jurisdiction in order to cut down the time of the local lawyers and allow them to concentrate on the relevant issues from the outset. Litigation on this basis has been carried on in Holland, including appeals to the Supreme Court, in Switzerland in various Cantons and to the Supreme Court, in America including the 5th and 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, in India, Gibraltar, France, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and other jurisdictions.

The client has the peace of mind that his case is in competent hands and the time and costs of local lawyers are kept in check through our knowledge. We ensure that the local lawyers charge only for work properly and reasonably done, which we are well able to judge.

Recommendations/Testimonials from clients in litigation:

►“I wanted to let you know there are no words to express my gratitude to you and your team, thank you!”

“I was introduced to Mr. Paul Simms via a combination of the police in the U.K. and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States in October of 2010. My parents and my two partners parents each had been scammed out of $250,000 each totaling $750,000.

…Mr. Simms was professional, timely and always communicated updates in reference to the recovery of the funds on a weekly basis, unheard of normally in a suit of this magnitude.

…Finally at the end of July we received not 80%-85% of our money but 100% of our money back including accrued interest as well. Mr. Simms successfully recovered the ENTIRE AMOUNT plus interest earned totaling $258,000.00 US plus.

Mr. Simms has instilled a sense of trust back in me, my mother and the parents of my partners. There still are honest reliable people left in the world and Mr. Simms has proven to be one of those individuals. Without hesitation I would recommend Mr. Paul Simms and Citilegal to anyone and as a matter of fact we will be utilizing his services again in the near future on an unrelated venture.

If you would like further information about Mr. Simms and Citilegal, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Mr. Simms has my contact information.”

Chris A. Heidt
Chris Heidt Financial LLC
28th August 2011

► “What a wonderful outcome! I can't thank you enough for all of your efforts! I never thought we would recover so well. Thank you!”
Elaine Hawkins
28th July 2011

► “I want to thank you again for seeing this case to its fruition.”
Patrice C. Ackerman
29th July 2011

►“…we SO appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf!! We are so blessed! Thank you very much!!”
Dilman Thomas
28th July 2011

► “…I confirm receipt of £ into our bank account this morning. Thank you for your hard work in achieving this end.”
MW Helicopters Ltd
28th July 2011

► “…I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for all of your time, hard work, and dedication to this case on my behalf and on behalf of all the other claimants. I can't express enough how grateful I am that you and your team were on this so quickly and how you stuck with us through it all.

Again, and most importantly, I offer my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for everything.”

Clifton K. Oram
30th July 2011

".... I just wanted to thank you for your excellent advice and assistance over the last year now that the Claimant has withdrawn the case against me and my company. It has been a great worry to have a large claim hanging over my head and threatening my company's future, and it has been worthwhile to vigorously defend and eventually cause the Claimant the need to pull out. Many thanks."

Cindy Passey
Prime Purchasing Organisation
12th August 2013

► Mr Paul Simms

Having in the past been involved in litigation when I was CEO of a large company, we had instructed a household name in the legal fraternity to represent us. They advised that we would win and a very long time afterwards we, in fact, lost and faced a legal bill of nearly seven figures.

As Managing Director of Acuity Unified Communications Ltd, I was uncertain whether to litigate when a large financial services customer in the Middle East terminated all its contracts without justification and tried to claim that its insolvent UK subsidiary was the party liable. The former customer goaded us that they were untouchable in Dubai.

We were eventually recommended to Paul Simms of Citilegal International Ltd, who immediately understood the issues we had been faced in seeking payments and the frustrations we had encountered in trying to get the money we were owed. Our options were clearly explained and since we were required to make only a modest commitment to legal costs we were confident to instruct Citilegal.

Within 4 months of instructing Citilegal we won on all counts in the Commercial Court in London in a summary judgment hearing on liability. Three months later we were back in the Commercial Court again for a damages assessment hearing where again, Paul Simms succeeded on all issues and we obtained a judgment for everything claimed and costs. Our former customer still insisted that they would not pay. Citilegal recommended action to obtain redress through the customer’s supplier base and this had the effect of severely damaging their business and bringing them to the table.

The defendants then agreed to pay the whole of the judgment sum, interest and all of Citilegal’s fees.

We cannot thank Paul Simms of Citilegal enough for the guidance an assistance given to us during this whole process. Citilegal demonstrated a professional, highly articulate and extremely high level of understanding in litigating against a company who thought it could hide behind the fact it was based in Dubai. Citilegal’s understanding of the judicial systems both in the UK and overseas and their ability to make an offshore organisation pay up their debts was second to none.

We would highly recommend the services of Paul Simms and Citilegal International Ltd to anyone that asks.

John Dowbiggin
Managing Director
ACUITY Unified Communications
12th May 2014

► Dear Paul,

Re: Your Association as our Legal Director

At the outset, I wish to thank and place on record my deep appreciation for the all the efforts and pains taken to handle all of our matters.

Your association with the college for the past 9 months (though formal appoint was made in Fabruary 2015) has been a story of great transformation from a position of desperation and loss on all fronts to one of positive hope and success.

When you took over our main litigation at short notice last October, it was going nowhere, since we were delayed in submission of responses to courts and few others solicitors who were then dealing the cases had given up hope of any chance of success. When we approached you thereafter, you had refocused our counter-claim and analysed what were the real legal issues and redrafted our pleadings and organised our expert evidence all within a very tight timetable.From a situation of almost certain failure,you were able to turn it around and win the case on liability. We look forward to you dealing with the assessment of damages on our behalf as also the appeal application against the part liability not allowed by the judge.

Our other two important litigation cases have been a success to date and we expect more success to come as the litigation develops.We always know you will not leave any stone unturned and that we can rely on you to put forward our case on the best possible footing with clarity and making all the relevant legal points. You have shown expertise based on your research, study and analysis of legal cases that are most apt and suitible to be applicable in all our litigating situations.

Please keep up the good work and we look forward to continuing success in the coming months with great confidence in your abilities and legal expertise.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. S Basha
Director of London College of Business
8th July 2015

► Dear Paul,

I would like to thank you for your advice, expertise and support over the last two years. You encouraged me to take proceedings and gave me clear advice from the outset that I would win if I perservered. The freezing order obtained secured the ultimate result.

I am delighted with the result where I have been awarded a significant 7 figure sum and have won on all points.

It was stressful but well worth it.

Best regards,
16th February 2018

► Dear Paul,

As we have reached the end of the trial phase and are beginning the enforcement stage, I wanted to thank you and your team for the total success in the legal proceedings.

Having lost a considerable sum to two plausible characters and their company in 2007 and been given excuse after excuse for the non repayment to me of my monies, over the next 6 years, I instructed different sets of lawyers but got nowhere.

I was recommended to you by a grateful client for whom you had recovered his losses, and you were able to put together my case from a mass of documents over many years and to press the case to a conclusion with a trial at which the lies of the Defendants were at last exposed and all defendants were held liable in fraud for my losses and interest. You then obtained worldwide freezing orders against the individual defendants and we are now seeking the recovery on the judgment.

Many thanks for your hard work and diligence on my case and I am pleased to be able to show that I was the wronged party from the judgment now obtained in the High Court.

Juan Carlos Alvarez
7th August 2019

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